Why Does My Canine Drag His Butt On The Floor?


As embarrassing as it’s, we’ve all needed to take care of a canine scooting their butt on the carpet earlier than. It’s an motion many canine mother and father are fast to cease, however not all the time thoughtful about. When a canine scoots their butt, they’re not attempting to deface your flooring or make you cringe. Odds are, they’re experiencing one thing uncomfortable that they’ll’t let you know about.

So, as unsettling as butt-scooting will be, take it straightforward in your canine. The earlier you discover the basis of the issue, the earlier these gross habits will finish.

Dog Scooting Butt
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Why Do Canine Scoot Their Butts?

When canines drag their butts on the ground, it’s typically an indication that one thing is unsuitable down there. Scratching their physique on the ground can ease ache, regardless of how disgusting it might sound to you. There are a number of well being issues that could possibly be inflicting discomfort in your canine’s behind.

Anal Gland Issues

The most typical purpose for an itchy canine butt is anal glands. Anal glands (additionally referred to as “anal sacs”) are scent glands. They’re situated between the layers of muscle within the rectum, and they’re a pure a part of your canine’s physique. It’s unclear precisely what these glands are for, however there are various theories. Some consider they’re used to depart territorial scents in your canine’s waste. Others consider they make it simpler for stool to go by your canine’s physique.

Whatever the goal, your canine’s bowel actions ought to take away these fluids on their very own, however issues generally happen. In some situations, anal glands can turn out to be clogged with an excessive amount of fluid, which is uncomfortable on your canine. The longer these glands go with out being extracted, the extra uncomfortable they’ll be. Scooting is a approach canines attempt to relieve this discomfort on their very own.

Pores and skin Irritation

Your canine can’t get hemorrhoids like a human can, however there are different causes for pores and skin irritation close to the butt. A easy purpose could possibly be a lower, scrape, or matted fur. When your canine will get groomed, the groomer might irritate your canine’s pores and skin by trimming too carefully. Scrapes are particularly frequent for canines who can’t sit nonetheless. But, in case your canine doesn’t get brushed sufficient, the fur or hair round their butt might turn out to be matted. Dense mats are painful and might trigger a whole lot of strain in your canine’s pores and skin. A mat close to your canine’s rear finish is bound to make them scratch and scoot.

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Pores and skin infections can even trigger butt scooting on your canine. Bacterial and fungal infections are frequent causes of irritation. Meals allergic reactions might additionally trigger irritation throughout your canine’s physique, particularly close to their butt. Moreover, inadequate diets might trigger watery stool, which makes it simpler for anal gland fluids to construct up. Irritated pores and skin might occur for quite a lot of causes, so search for accidents and crimson marks close to your canine’s butt. Then, contact your vet to get it recognized.


Tapeworms and different intestinal parasites might result in an itchy butt. Tapeworms typically happen in case your canine eats an contaminated flea. Because the parasites go away the abdomen, irritation round your canine’s anus could happen. If a parasite is in charge, you would possibly discover bits of worms close to your canine’s butt, of their feces, or round their bedding. However simply since you don’t see any parasites doesn’t imply they’re not there. Don’t take canine parasites flippantly. As an alternative, carry your canine to the vet as quickly as you’ll be able to.

Habits Issues

Imagine it or not, even wholesome canines can drag their butt on the carpet. Behavioral and neurological issues might make a canine scoot for seemingly no purpose in any respect. A standard trigger is trauma. Canine who get their anal glands expressed greater than wanted might scoot out of behavior or as a result of their anal sacs really feel unusual now. Generally obese canines will equally drag their butts. Losing a few pounds or stopping unneeded anal gland expressions might repair these examples.

Corgi butt
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Cleansing Themselves

Lastly, in case your canine is scooting after they poop, then they could want to scrub their butt! They might have a chunk of poop dangling behind them or some feces trapped of their coat. Make sure to examine your canine’s butt in the event that they scoot to verify they’re freed from undesirable waste. Plus, the very last thing you’d need is for that further poop to get throughout your clear carpet.

How Usually Ought to You Categorical Canine Anal Glands?

Since anal gland issues are the most typical reason for canine butt scooting, it’s straightforward to fret. However as an alternative of asking how typically you need to categorical canine anal glands, you ought to be asking in case your canine wants them expressed. A canine’s physique ought to take away liquids from the anal sacs by itself. Which means no further upkeep from you. But, there’ll all the time be exceptions to the norm.

Some canines would possibly by no means want their anal glands expressed. However others would possibly want it yearly and even month-to-month in excessive instances. There’s no set schedule for expressing anal glands, particularly since most canines don’t want it performed. In case your canine exhibits indicators that their anal glands are full, that’s when you’ll be able to take into account expressing them. However in case you categorical a canine’s anal glands after they’re not full, it might do extra hurt than good. So, don’t do something to a canine’s anal glands except you’re sure it’s essential.

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What Causes Canine Anal Gland Issues?

In case your canine’s anal glands are full, that’s an indication that one thing’s not fairly proper. The next might trigger your canine’s anal glands to construct up or not perform correctly:

  • Your canine’s stools could possibly be too mushy, indicating that they don’t have sufficient fiber of their food regimen.
  • Their anal glands won’t be situated the place they’re imagined to be.
  • Your canine is obese.

For a lot of canines, full anal glands are a one-time deal. But when the above issues aren’t solved, the problem might reoccur persistently. If full anal glands should not expressed, they might finally rupture or bleed.

Indicators Your Canine Wants Anal Glands Expressed

Scooting is a transparent signal to examine your canine’s anal glands, nevertheless it’s not the one signal. Listed here are some indicators that your canine’s anal glands should not working fairly proper.

Cocker Spaniel licking lips

Licking Butt

For some canines, licking their butt is a better different to scooting. Most canines lick their bottoms often, but when it’s a continuing, relentless sort of licking, then you may have a proper to be involved. And truthfully, it’s not a reasonably sight both.

Smelly Smells

Canine with full anal glands might launch an unsettling, pungent scent from their rear finish. A canine anal gland scent is usually described as fishy and stronger than an everyday fart scent.

Foul Liquid

The disagreeable scent that comes from full anal glands might additionally trigger one thing even fouler. Canine with full anal glands would possibly launch a smelly liquid from their butt after they sit down. This fluid is usually brown, however may additionally seem tan, yellow, or greenish. You would possibly discover this liquid go away a mark in your garments, carpet, or furnishings. Look ahead to traces of pus or blood indicating an anal gland an infection.

The way to Categorical Canine Anal Glands

Expressing a canine’s anal glands is pungent and messy. So, most canine mother and father keep away from doing it themselves if potential. Usually, it’s greatest to show to a vet or canine groomer for assist.

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Ought to You Categorical Canine Anal Glands Your self?

If expressing canine anal glands is new to you, you won’t wish to do it your self. It’s not a protected course of for squeamish people or wiggly canines. Your canine might get harm if one thing goes unsuitable, which is why you want confidence for the job. Getting educated by an expert is the easiest way to learn to do that process by yourself.

For these in a position to abdomen it, right here’s the way to categorical canine anal glands your self:

  1. Stand your canine up on all fours. Kneel behind bigger canines, however set smaller canines on a desk.
  2. Have somebody maintain your canine nonetheless.
  3. Put on disposable gloves. Lubricate your index finger with Vaseline or an analogous product.
  4. Maintain your canine’s tail up. Insert the lubricated finger about one inch into your canine’s rectum.
  5. Put your thumb on the skin of your canine’s anus and produce your thumb and index finger collectively. The anal gland will really feel like a pea-sized sac.
  6. Preserve a paper towel close by for the reason that fluids could squirt outward. Then, gently squeeze the sac till the brown liquid empties.
  7. Repeat these steps with the opposite anal gland.
  8. Clear up the encircling space after expressing anal glands.

It’s okay if it nonetheless sounds overwhelming. You’ll by no means have to precise your canine’s anal glands in case you don’t wish to. In the event you don’t really feel snug doing it your self, flip to an expert.

The way to Discover Skilled Assist

Most groomers and vets will categorical your canine’s anal glands in case you ask. But, it won’t be a good suggestion and not using a vet’s approval. There’s an opportunity that your canine’s butt scooting could possibly be associated to one thing else. Plus, you don’t wish to unnecessarily categorical your canine’s glands. Checking in along with your vet first is a good way to verify that your canine really wants it performed.

Corgi anal glands expressed
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Some groomers categorical canine anal glands each grooming appointment, however that’s not really useful. Most professionals know that anal glands shouldn’t be expressed if there’s no downside. So, in case you’d like your canine’s anal glands expressed throughout their grooming appointment, ask your groomer to examine their anal glands. In any other case, it won’t get performed.

Can You Stop Canine Butt Scooting?

Canines affected by canine parasites or worms received’t cease scooting till you deal with their situation. However an irritated behind or full anal glands don’t work like that. Simply since you categorical your canine’s anal glands as soon as or soothe their itchy pores and skin doesn’t make the issue vanish. Usually, you’ll want to stop your canine’s butt issues to cease extra scooting sooner or later.

You’ll be able to stop canine butt scooting by:

  • Switching your canine to a fiber-rich food regimen
  • Eradicating allergens from their food regimen
  • Giving your canine extra probiotics
  • Utilizing antibiotic ointment
  • Cleansing their backside extra typically
  • Serving to your canine shed some pounds

Expressing canine anal glands extra typically isn’t the reply for canine butt scooting. As an alternative, make one of many above adjustments in your canine’s routine. Then, your canine’s itchiness ought to cease by itself. In the event you expressed your canine’s anal glands as soon as, begin training these preventative actions so their anal sacs received’t replenish once more.

Italian Greyhound dog butt scooting
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When to See a Vet for Canine Butt Scooting

After attempting all the things, your canine would possibly nonetheless really feel the urge to scoot. Any canines scooting for various days ought to see a vet. Usually, butt scooting is a minor downside that’s fixable, however you by no means know when it might point out one thing extra critical. Don’t really feel ashamed to contact your vet in case you don’t know what’s occurring along with your canine. In case your canine has been butt scooting quite a bit, however you haven’t any clue why a vet would possibly be capable to resolve it. They might even save your canine from a painful situation.

Subsequent time your canine rubs their butt in opposition to the ground, don’t be so fast to scold them. As an alternative, take into account why they’re doing it and determine how one can make them really feel higher. Odds are, the butt scooting is simply as annoying for them as it’s for you.

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