IPhone 12 mini battery compared to iPhone 13 mini

The battery iPhone 13 mini, like the iPhone 12 mini, is highly questioned as the lowest in the series. It’s true that you can’t expect a great display because it’s small, but how true is it that it’s a bad battery? We compared the autonomy of these XNUMX devices to see the difference. These are far from the “Pro” model, but the results were amazing.

Facts about your battery

Now, the simple technical data of paper is just one sheet of paper. What really matters is how that data is actually transformed. We will analyze this later. However, I think it’s appropriate to know the data to first understand the difference between the XNUMX iPhones.


At first you will find a little 179mAh difference in favor of the latest model. Of course, it’s not that small a difference, given that they have bodies of virtually the same dimensions. The differences between the two “Pro” models are closely related.

  • iPhone 13 mini: 2,406 amp-hours
  • iPhone 12 mini: 2,227 amp-hours

In addition, I must say that these are unofficial because Apple ‘s policy in this regard is a bit strange and not commented on in any section of the manual or website. However, they can be taken for granted based on various tests performed by experts, using both the data performed on both phones and the specific tools for retrieving the decomposition. increase.

Autonomy (theory)

Apple provides device autonomy data. Sure, it’s probably the least appropriate method in a real-world environment, because the company provides data for a single, uninterrupted use that looks far from the actual use of the device. .. However, as I already warned at the beginning, it’s not a bad idea to first see what the difference is between both smartphones on paper.

  • Play streaming video:
    • iPhone 13 mini: up 13 hours
    • iPhone 12 mini: 10 hours up
  • Play local video:
    • iPhone 13 mini: up 17 hours
    • iPhone 12 mini: up 15 hours
  • Audio playback:
    • iPhone 13 mini: up 55 hours
    • iPhone 12 mini: 50 hours up

Other data

One thing to keep in mind is that both devices have up to XNUMX times, which allows you to get 30-20% charge in just 50 minutes using a power adapter of 0 W or more. increase. Here are some things to take into account. The 20th is that the power adapter is not included in the box, and the XNUMX second is that the adapter can exceed XNUMX W, but it allows maximum power and does not charge faster.

On the other hand, it should also be noted that the charging process from 50% to 100% will be slower regardless of whether the optimized charging function is active. Therefore, it can take about 90 minutes to fully charge both iPhones.

Also, both charging methods have the same specifications. They now have a classic Lightning port that supports charging with a cable with a connector, but they can also be recharged using a popular Qi standard wireless charging base. It’s also compatible with MagSafe accessories. This is nothing more than a strong bond to the device using the iPhone’s magnet system.

performance test

Once you know the data, fully enter what you can do with both iPhones. We tested 100 devices under the same conditions (XNUMX% battery status, same settings, installed apps, same system version, etc.). Therefore, both start with the same conditions.

Normal daily use

We believe this usage is the most common among users. There are no set standards, and no one uses the phone like any other person. You will rarely use it in the same way. In any case, we present some wearing averages that can be applied to average use.

  • Social networks (Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, etc.): 20%
  • Messaging apps (telegram, WhatsApp, etc.): 17%
  • Video streaming (Apple TV +, Netflix, YouTube, etc.): 16%
  • Video calls (FaceTime, Skype, etc.): 12%
  • Navigation (Safari): 12%
  • Phone number (voice call): 8%
  • Camera (photos and videos): 8%
  • GPS (Apple Maps, Google Maps, Waze, etc.): 5%
  • podcast (Apple Podcast, Overcast, etc.): 1%
  • Your email address (email, spark, etc.): 1%
  • WiFi and mobile data usage: 75% -25%
  • After this, the iPhone held the day pretty well. And this is because both were turned off before reaching the limit set 0.00, but both were turned off at a time when it was already understood that charging the phone was common.
    • iPhone 13 mini: 14 hours (from 7:00 to 21:13)
    • iPhone 12 mini: 11 and a half hours (from 7:00 to 18:22)

    Intensive and demanding

    In this case, we tested the device in a more powerful way and performed the most consuming action. This type of use is more often used by professional users who make the iPhone an almost indispensable work tool.

    The percentages in this case are:

    • Video streaming (Apple TV +, Netflix, YouTube, etc.): 24%
    • Video games: 23%
    • Camera (photos and videos): 22%
    • Navigation (Safari): 8%
    • Video call (FaceTime, Skype, etc.): 7%
    • podcast (Apple Podcast, Overcast, etc.): 4%
    • Phone number (voice call): 4%
    • GPS (Apple Maps, Google Maps, Waze, etc.): 3%
    • Messaging apps (telegram, WhatsApp, etc.): 2%
    • Social networks (Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, etc.): 2%
    • Your email address (email, spark, etc.): 1%
    • WiFi and mobile data usage: 60% -40%
    • With this use, both devices were far below the results of the first test, and the iPhone 12 mini case was particularly impressive.
      • iPhone 13 mini: 8 hours (7 am to 00:03 pm)
      • iPhone 12 mini: 7 hours (7 am to 00:01 pm)


      As the slogan of the famous TV show says, these are data and are your conclusions. In any case, the battery is probably the weakness of both devices in the end . It may not be as bad as you can imagine from recent comments, but you can’t expect a miracle.

      Jumping from one thing to another in the world isn’t amazing , and it’s a nice surprise to see the iPhone 13 mini last longer without the need to put a plug nearby. But likewise, on a normal day and with modest use, he finds it difficult to exceed dinner time. Some of its “12 minis” arrive very difficult in the middle of the afternoon.

        Unless you assume they rely on a discipline that is thrown away , need to be recharged at lunch, or rely on a portable battery. Both are disappointing because they have some very impressive features, such as a camera that’s virtually the same as the Pro, except that they don’t have a telephoto lens and a LiDAR sensor. Just as it offers very good quality, even though the screen is reasonably sized.

      Also, the time you need to remember it is due to the natural deterioration of the batteries that will play against them . Under normal conditions, you will not notice any sudden changes and your health will deteriorate significantly after 3 years. In any case, the trend tends to be shorter all the time, so I think the results of this test will be much lower over time.

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